Cal Exotics – Bull nose nipple clamps

I have always been someone who enjoys nipple play and I tend to enjoy a firmer touch, bite, or grab. Nipple clamps are sexy to me so trying some out was a no brainer. Choosing which style to get was not as easy. I started with an affordable double chained set from Cal Exotics.

The plastic packaging is simple. It is just additional garbage that can be difficult to get into. The product is nicely displayed but you can’t pick it up and get a true feel for the weight or quality. Unpackaging is always fun for me as it allows me to play with a product in my hands and feel the materials. These clamps were constructed of fairly sturdy iron with PVC sleeves over the tips of the clamps. The chains could have had more weight to them.

Bull nose (3).JPG
Sorry – not confident enough to post photos of them on my actual nipples! Maybe one day 😛

I was excited to use these for the first time but felt like I fumbled through placing them correctly. I do not have very large nipples but placing them was tricky. The mechanism that opens and closes the clamps doesn’t operate perfectly smoothly. If the user has mobility issues in their hands or fingers this may not be the product for them. The screws allow the user to loosen the grip of the clamps however I didn’t think this was necessary. I wish there was an option to have tightened the grip. Once in place I was craving more of an “ouch” factor. Tugging on the chains increased the pleasure but still wasn’t quite enough for me. During use they had slipped off a few times, which I felt was from the smooth texture of the PVC tips. The quick readjustment was a bit distracting at times.

Overall these would be great for someone exploring nipple play. There is enough pressure that it would allow someone to test the waters without diving right in. The price point is also affordable enough to explore nipple clamps without breaking the bank. In my opinion, Cal Exotics does a great job of providing products at an accessible price point at a range of retailers.

My next set of clamps will not be bull nosed and I am very excited to find them. Any reader suggestions?

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