Satisfyer 2

As previously mentioned the Satisfyer 2 is the only battery operated model I received. This is also the only model with up and down controls. Design wise the controls were the best of the 4 models that I tried. The controls were located on the back of the toy making them easy to use with your index finger. The option to go to a stronger setting or back down to a lower setting was a great feature that every model would benefit from. After testing the other models, having to check batteries and the possibility of them dying mid-session was a downside.

Satisfyer 2 (3).JPG

This was the most quality head piece, made out of a firmer material. It reached deep inside the unit keeping the silicone piece in place but was easy to remove for cleaning. This toy was the second runner up of the four models that I tried. The head sticking out of the toy made it user friendly for me compared to the Delux. It allowed me to hold the toy in place easily while still accessing all the controls.


The threat of running out of batteries mid-session is not appealing to me for regularly used toys, however – this does appeal to the traveler side of me. The ability to remove batteries so a toy doesn’t turn on in your luggage is one less thing to worry about! I will bring this model on my next trip.

This wraps up my Satisfyer reviews! Many people have posted reviews and enjoyed different models for different reasons. That is what makes us humans so wonderful – we all like something different!

Keep your eye out for my first giveaway being announced soon! It will be a Satisfyer 2 that you can add to your own collection.


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