Satisfyer Pro Delux

This was my least favorite of the Satisfyer family. For me it was the shape of the body that ruined the experience. It is a teardrop shaped toy with the plastic head on the underside. The head is tucked inside the body and requires the whole toy to be pressed against you. It didn’t comfortably sit in my hand while holding it in the right position.


Although the controls were easy to use with my index finger the Pro Delux also easily moved out of the correct positioning. I was frustrated each time making it more difficult to reach orgasm. Perhaps I move too much? Or perhaps it’s that the head doesn’t protrude as much from the toy as the others to better position. It was a lot of spreading and wiggling labia to feel pleasure but more often than not I couldn’t reach climax.


In order for this to work better with my anatomy the head would need stick out more from the body of the toy or perhaps move the head to the pointed end of the body so that it could be held against my body with more accuracy. This just wasn’t the toy for me!

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