Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The Penguin was the first Satisfyer toy I tried out. I have not spent much time with my other toys in the tub so I was excited to try it out. The first thing I did was turn it to spray water and then I placed it on my nipple.

The shape of the head on this model is squarer compared to the others. It was quick to make me orgasm and the sensation was a bit overwhelming. When trying to angle the toy away to reduce the sensations I found the removable head popped off between my labia. Not a fun adjustment to make when trying to get off. I found the head to be made of a thinner and more flexible material than the Pro 2.


The shape of the body made it easy to hold in place but I had to play with the angle to get it just right. . However the shape of the body also makes it difficult to use while having intercourse. The entire body of the toy is a soft silicone that feels nice in your hand. The controls are on the front side of the toy and I easily used my thumb while holding the toy in place. I found it easy to mix up the buttons but it was still easy to use.


Use while in water was also different than other sensations.  The first time I had an orgasm pretty quickly. After I brought Penguin in the bath a second time it no longer works. When powered on the power button slightly flashes but doesn’t actually do anything. This was very disappointing as the company claims the Pro series to be waterproof. If you are spending just under $100 on a toy it really needs to hold up to its claims.

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