Satisfyer Pro 2

I start with this product because it is my favorite of the bunch. This toy has drawn me back in many times.

The tip is the right size and shape for my clit and the sensation appears to be more pleasurable than the others. The tip protrudes from the body of the toy allowing it to be nestled in between labia.

The shape of the handle allows the user to easily hold the toy in place and manage the level button. This is key for me as sometimes during orgasm there is too much stimulation so angling the toy slightly away controls this. The level button is easy to use, on the upper side of the toy, as you go through the 11 settings. One downside however is if you hit a setting that is too powerful you are stuck going to the strongest then back down. Adding a + and – feature would be a great modification for the next release of this toy.

The plastic head is easily removable for cleaning but stays in place during use. Each model offers a different plastic head which offers different experiences with each.

One negative for this toy is it is very loud! When not held in direct contact with my clit it was even louder. It makes some awful noises when between labia and not placed against something firmly. Another negative was that the size of the toy wasn’t ideal for use during intercourse. Hubby and I tried to add it during a few different positions and it was just more awkward than pleasurable. I also suggest you give it a whirl on your own the first few times so that if brought into partnered play you can guide them through how you like this toy used on you.

I did use this toy in the bath but was careful not to fully submerge it because it is my favorite of the bunch. The minor tub time it has survived so far. Use while in water offers a different sensation as well.

Tip – This toy in combination with the Njoy Purewand used anally was mind blowing.

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