Sunday Summary #1

Sundays are a ritual of preparing for the coming week in my life. Sunday consists of meal planning and grocery shopping; laundry and cleaning; and various other tasks for the upcoming week. I always try to work in some time for relaxation and am trying to also work in some time for reflection. I don’t often sit and think about how the last week has gone. I don’t consider what I could do differently the next week based on what went well and what didn’t go so well the previous week. My life is undergoing large changes so introducing some reflection will be a great help!

This week I was able to finally launch my Summer 100 Challenge. This was nerve racking because my internet was down so my posts were over a week late. I felt like I was starting off behind. BUT I must jump in with both feet and keep fighting my nerves. I am very happy to have posted my introduction to the challenge, finalized a simple contact page, and have drafted a few other upcoming posts. Due to moving houses and previously mentioned internet problems I just felt so behind! All my good intentions were delayed and I knew I had to push through these feelings.

I also have my posts for the coming week ready to be published. I am enjoying the photography and writing. I need to do some further learning in web design however.

Sunday Snippets

HousekeepingContact page published

PostsSummer 100 Introduction & Sunday Summary #1

In the Works – Researching & developing some new blog branding and SEO set up

Summer 100 Challenge – if you are interested in building your blog and the Summer 100 Challenge please check out Lotus Bud’s page and join us. New participants can sign up until July 2nd!

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