Satisfyer Soiree

Welcome to the long awaited review of 4 of the Satisfyer models. This Satisfyer Soiree will consist of 4 mini posts, following this introduction, which will discuss my opinion of the Satisfyer 2, Satisfyer Pro 2, Satisfyer Pro Delux, and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin.

Satisfyer originated in Germany and their products are now available at a wide range of online and brick and mortar retailers. Check out their website for more information on the models as well as some of the companies saying great things.

Each of the four toys I tried are sold at a great price point as well. Although I have not tried the Womanizer, I have heard that the Satisfyer is just as great but more affordable. While visiting some of my local stores I have also been hearing great things about the Satisfyer product line. I have seen people of all ages taking a look and discussing them with the sales reps.

I was sent these four toys FREE because sharing is caring. They even sent me an extra Satisfyer 2 (this will be my giveaway). The customer service representative I dealt with was wonderful and I quickly had an unmarked box of toys on my doorstep. The packaging is a simple picture of the toy contained within along with the name. For the rechargeable toys, the magnetic charger is found inside alongside each toy (the Satisfyer 2 is the only battery operated model I received). This charger is universal for all models I received which was much simpler than having to search for a different charger. The magnetic charger was easy to use as it quickly snapped on and was help in place.

Various bloggers have shared on Twitter that their Satisfyer’s didn’t hold up to their waterproof claim. As I was mid-test when I first stumbled across these complaints I hadn’t used all my toys in the tub. I then knew I had to test this claim as well. If a product claims its water proof than it best be water proof – no matter how great of a toy. I will tell you now that not all of my toys survived tub time.

The new air movement sensation was interesting to try out. It won’t be for everybody. If your clit is very sensitive this sensation may be way too overwhelming for you. You can experiment with the angle the toy is held against you to help manage the sensation. It felt interesting on nipples as well!

Stay tuned for the first review tomorrow!

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