Summer 100 Challenge

I saw a tweet from another blogger about a Summer 100 Challenge for Sex Bloggers which sparked immediate interest. I took a look at Lotus Bud’s post and although interested I was hesitant. I couldn’t possibly write 100 posts in 3 months! I kept coming back and reading more. Despite being terrified I signed up and decided to make the challenge fit me. For any bloggers interested check out the link above and join us!

My home internet shit the bed for the first week of this challenge so I am behind but happy to join in and read what everyone else is up to as well!

Welcome to my Summer 100 Challenge.

This challenge is more about me making small steps towards my blog. This may not necessarily be a post each day but I will be sure to write some accountability posts detailing some of the tasks I have completed. I have planned some reviews to post, some housekeeping items to take care of, some static content to add, and will come up with other items as I go. I will also create a temporary page where I update the task-list of what I have already completed.

I post reviews of more than just sex toys so will also be including some other types of reviews such as my Stay, Play, Try, & Fly series about my recent trip to Cuba. I look forward to building content of all types. Sex toys are my favorite but I also enjoy writing these reviews. We all spend a lot of money on various things so why not make a more informed choice on where you spend your money?

I am going to wrap it up with a giveaway that will run for the duration of the challenge! More info coming on that soon! This will be my first giveaway so is very exciting for me. I hope that I will host many to come!

The basis of this challenge is to build content and community. I am a little socially awkward at reaching out to others. Please reach out to me if there are any collaborations that you think would be great for us both!

So welcome to my 100 Challenge! Thank you Lotus Bud for sparking so much excitement in the sex blogger community.


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