Njoy Purewand

Njoy Purewand is an ongoing learning experience. Each time I use it I am a little more comfortable with it, discover a new small movement that feels great, and learn about my body. After reading the many praises I was excited to add this to my collection but anticipated a learning curve.

When it first arrived I marveled at its elegant black box lined with bright pink silky fabric. I held it in my hands and admired the smooth steel construction and its delicious weight. I tucked it into my nightstand to save for my birthday hotel night. I wanted to wait until I was completely alone to start Njoy-ing.

Njoy Pure wand

One night I had some drinks and pot and couldn’t wait any longer. I broke out some lube and started to test it out… just allowing myself a small test. Shared accommodations led me to tucking it away to experience it when I could relax a bit more. Another few nights of drinks and pot let to multiple explorations. All came with a variety of results.

I quickly fell in love with the larger end.  It offered a firm full feeling with the right amount of pressure. As first I did not fall in love with the small end. Not even a little. It’s small coverage was uncomfortable for me and some angles were painful. As I continued to experiment I was able to find movements that made the smaller end more enjoyable.

Njoy Pure wand (1)

Using this hunk of delicious steel has helped me explore my G-spot which has always been of interest to me. It has provided a great lesson on exploring what my body responds to. I have always liked g-spot stimulation but had never had the mind blowing results others gush about. This body safe material that I can sterilize will allow me to further explore anal play as well. Combined with the Satisfyer….omg!

I have been able to have great orgasms using the wand along with clitoral stimulation. A few gushes have occurred as well as a new level of self lubrication achieved. Continued play and exploration will continue on all theses experiences. The smooth material allows for easy insertion but my complaint is the popping feeling when withdrawing it from under my pelvic bone. It is not a deal breaker but is not comfortable. There is also some knocking on my pelvic bone while using the smaller end.

My body is not used to such firm pressure (but greatly enjoys it) so I will be waiting to allow a partner to use this toy on me until I play a bit more on my own.

This isn’t a toy for someone who wants mind blowing orgasms on first use. This is a toy for someone who wants to take their time and explore. It is worth the $100+ as this piece will last a long time with its solid construction. And hey, leave it on your night stand in case you need to wack an intruder!


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