Struggling & What’s to come…

Lately I have been struggling. Life has been stressful and overwhelming. Self-care and fun tasks have disappeared and I have really just been surviving, not thriving. I have written, edited, and rewritten this post but need to push forward and get it out there. It’s time to get things on track. Life gets in the way sometimes and that is okay.

Another blogger recently voiced that no one is reading their work which gave me the push to get this posted tonight. It was a reminder to keep writing because I enjoy it, not just for readership. It was a reminder to not give up…which I am notorious for. I may not post the best written pieces but I am learning and growing. I may not be everyone’s metaphorical cup of tea but I still have something valuable to add to the conversation.

I have started building some content for my blog to start posting in April. This includes some new and exciting reviews for the Njoy Purewand and various Satisfyer products. It also includes some static pages such as an About Me page and a Contact page. I created this blog to share reviews about various products – books, recipes and beauty products – not just sex toys, so I have started testing and writing some reviews on a range of other items as well. I would love some suggestions on sexuality based books.

I would like to start forming relationships with others in the blogging community by attending some events in Toronto. I need to push past anxieties and start with attending something small. Ideally, I would like to attend Come Together in 2018. Time to step out of my comfort zone! If any readers are looking for company to attend any events please let me know! I am also open to collaborating on projects so if I can be of help please reach out. For example I have a Satisfyer Pro 2 that I would be open to trading with another blogger, Emmeline Peaches suggested a #teamamazeballs project. Let me know if you are interested and let’s build something for both of us to be proud of.

I hope this post is a bit of a pep talk for those doubting themselves and their writing. It has been a pep talk for me as the writer!

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