Bswish Bdesired Deluxe

I have done a fair bit of writing recently and my drafts folder is getting fatter! During the holiday season we all receive and purchase a variety of new and exciting things to try out. I have purchased some new toys I am excited to try and got a free gift with purchase. What better idea than to review it as well? Keep an eye out for an njoy Pure Wand review coming this spring!

When offered a free gift with purchase do you select the bath bomb or the vibrator?

Of course I chose the vibrator! Bswish Bdesired Deluxe arrived alongside my njoy Pure Wand in simple packaging. Unboxing it revealed a bright pink 4 1/2” silicone vibrator and a black silk bag. Grab 2 AAA batteries and a good water based lube before running into your room to try it out! The silicone offers an easy to clean smooth surface and the motor offers 6 varieties of vibrations. Typical high medium and low, a lower and higher pulse, and then a building pulse followed by a long pulse. The vibrations were fairly strong but carried through the base into your hand which appears to dilute them a bit.

I used this toy both internally and externally. I didn’t like it used internally as I rely on clitoral stimulation to get off. I thought the gentle curves would add to thrusting but the toy wasn’t long enough for a solid fucking. The base was not large enough to get a decent grip. It also just didn’t hit the right places. The first time I used it externally I was close to orgasm pretty quickly with the building pulse. Sadly, anytime I started to climax it cycled back to the building pulses from the longer pulse. My orgasms were lost. Controls were easy to use as there are only 2 buttons. A few times I mixed the buttons up mid play and turned it off.

Come as You Are offered this toy as a free gift with purchase. Based on the retail price in the $35 dollar range I think this could be a great entry level vibe. It would allow the user to experiment with different vibrations from a non-threatening toy. It would allow someone to explore different body parts and their reaction to the vibrating sensation. Nipples… balls… and even just running it up a thigh can be a good place to start exploring with a toy.  Do not use this as an anal toy as it does not have a flared base!

In the end I will keep this in my nightstand for sensory play but most likely it will remain unused.

Keep an eye out for some new reviews over the next few months! Some toys, candles, and I even try my hand at recipe reviews!

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