Cal Exotics – Booty Rocker

This will be my second entry under my “Nightstand” category which is super exciting! My nightstand is where I keep all my naughty implements as well as anything I don’t want others to see. For those readers not interested in sex related topics please steer clear of the Nightstand entries!

I have been spending a lot of time reading sex toy reviews and sex blogs to get ideas for some new toys to try out. Sex toys are expensive so I value reviews because they can help guide you on what is worth investing the money on and what you can get away with spending less on. It is also why I want to continue to post about what I am trying out. Maybe we will have similar likes or maybe my opinion will help you decide it isn’t something worth trying! I think we can all learn and grow from each other even without the same interests and likes. I am looking forward to expanding my collection and learning from all the bloggers out there.

The Cal Exotics Booty Rocker plug was my first butt toy and I must say it is a great entry level toy for those wanting to try anal play. Its smooth silicone construction and manageable size make it easy and comfortable to use and care for. They toy is a touch longer than 4 inches in length and the widest inserted portion measures 1 inch wide with a girth of 3 inches. I didn’t want to take the plunge with something to large so this size was a great introduction however once comfortable you may be wishing for something bigger. This product can be worn for daily activities or during sexual activities alone or with a partner. I enjoyed use while on my own as well as with my hubby. The firm construction of this toy hits all the right places. When using with a partner it gave a more full feeling which can beneficial to both the wearer and the partner. I found I could feel it slip out a little during sex but just reached down and pushed it back in or would manipulate the position of my legs. May I suggest you use it in combination with a vaginal internal vibrator for a special treat?


For those using this toy as a starting point for anal play – make sure you use lots of lube and take your time relaxing to fully enjoy the experience. If it isn’t quite comfortable take it out and try again another time. I selected this as my first anal toy because it was widely available, an easy to clean material, body safe, and affordable. In the event I wasn’t a fan I would have no issue tossing a toy that cost less than $30.00!

This was a great first toy but I will soon be starting the search for some other products to give a whirl. What have been your favorite products?

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