Take care of YOU

I’ve been in bed sick for the last two and a half days feeling guilty for all the things I “should” be doing. Trying to build a blog with at least weekly posts isn’t exactly successful if in your second week of said plan…you don’t post! I have brainstormed ideas for this week’s post and started writing for a few of those ideas but this sickness has left me brain dead. I’ve spent a lot of time lately reminding myself that I need to be a priority so today it stuck me… why not write about self-care?!

Self-care means something different to each of us I think. Mainly because we all have our own unique needs. Back in my college days I collaborated with other students to lead a workshop on self-care and remember overwhelming feedback and thank you’s from people who had forgotten to make their selves a priority. Why do so many people (including myself) let themselves fall to the bottom of the to-do list? Many of us are quick to tell others to focus on themselves, invest time in themselves, and take care of themselves, why do we not practice what we preach?

Taking care of ourselves is multifaceted. It includes social aspects, food and nutrition, sleep, stress management, and even sex. Are you an introvert that needs to spend time alone reading or are you an extrovert that needs to engage with others to feel rejuvenated? Are you well hydrated and eating healthy or are you sluggish from too much processed crap? Are you getting enough sleep? What types of activities help you relieve stress? And for sex…are the products you are using body safe? Are you practicing safe sex?

Writing this is rather self-indulgent right now. I enjoy writing as stress management. It is also the easy route because I am putting off more exciting topics because I don’t have the energy to invest. I am tucked under a blanket in pjs in bed right now. A sniffling, coughing, mess. Over the last few weeks life has been very stressful with my Nana passing away. With all that stress I let myself fall to the bottom of my to-do list. I have been eating a lot of crap and not sleeping great. I haven’t been the slightest bit active. I have drank a lot of alcohol and smoked plenty of marijuana while lazing around stressing about everything. And bam here I am sick…

My goal over the next few days is to invest some more time in taking care of me. Tonight I am going to dive into a book and then go to bed early. I hope that if you are reading this you will take some time to invest in yourself too! I think we all need to be mindful of what we need to stay healthy – mind and body! We need to carve out time for ourselves. We need to encourage each other to do so. Don’t let yourself get worn down before doing so…do it every single day!

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