Lelo – Ina

When I first started this blog I envisioned boxes of sex toys arriving at my door and companies getting excited to hear what I had to say about their product. I decided not to jump right in. I decided to include other product reviews to get comfortable with posting my writing. It is time to jump in!!!

Lelo Ina is a silicone rabbit style toy. It is an older model but a new version is available. Lelo products offer a sleek design with a nice smooth feel. Opening the box was actually exciting as well. The package is elegant and discreet. Ina comes with a nice black storage bag and a complementary packet of lubricant. Ina is rechargeable (2 hour charge equals 2 hours of play) so the charger is also in there. I almost felt guilty throwing the packaging out.

Ina is a dual headed silicone toy that is soft and smooth. The internal portion is a bulbous shape with a slight curve for Gspot stimulation. The external portion is slightly flexible for clitoral stimulation. The controls feature 4 buttons allowing you to switch through patterns and increase intensity.

Each and every one of us have different anatomy and I have read reviews about this toy not hitting all the right spots. I agree but I still greatly enjoy the toy. The silicone material allows for smooth insertion and the controls are easy to reach. Remembering which button controls which function is key. With some maneuvering and playing with position Ina was wonderful. The variety of patterns allows one to ease into things or to just get down to business. It varied from gentle to strong vibrations and has a setting for everyone. For those who enjoy mainly clitoral stimulation the internal portion can easily be positioned and used as a great clit toy.

Many people cringe a little when seeing the price tag on a Lelo product. The material quality is well worth the price if you use a toy frequently and expect a high quality toy that lasts. Don’t forget a silicone toy requires water based lube and proper cleaner. I strongly suggest you aren’t stingy and invest in decent quality lube and cleaner. Not only will it be best for your body but it will keep your toy in good shape for longer.

As a said a little maneuvering and I was able to fall in love with this toy by myself as well as with a partner. The rechargeable feature is wonderful until you lose your cord however. I lost my cord and have learned that you can purchase a new cord. The debate is whether to purchase a new cord…or invest in a new toy! There is an Ina 2 featuring an updated come hither motion…

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