I, Bificus

When creating this blog the ideas of things to review and post about were endless. Some of the top items on my list were recipes and books. Sex toys were on that list too… we will get there someday. Sadly, recipes and books are the two items that I have found the hardest to start blogging about – especially books! Books are an intimate experience that we all enjoy differently. What I enjoy someone else might not… and vice versa which is perfectly fine. But there is also the fact that someone poured their heart and soul into this piece of writing. I would never want to disrespect that passion process. It is time to start shaping how I will form book reviews so feel free to chime in and tell me what you’d like to see!

Music has been a vital part of my life as far back as I can remember. Music is another creative and intimate experience that we all enjoy differently. Bif Naked came into my life when I was quite young with powerful songs such as Lucky and Spaceman. As a young angst filled girl I always loved her music and her personality. As the years have gone by I have followed her happily devouring the new albums, reading her social media accounts and attending several concerts. The most recent concert was the best experience as it was also a book reading. Bif shared with us sections from her new book “I, Bificus” and performed acoustic songs. It was a wonderful evening that I could ramble about but won’t. Here is my review of “I, Bificus” by Bif Naked…

Bif is a very kind and humble soul who can be foul mouthed but is honest. I, Bificus is a compilation of her personal stories of growing up, being on the road, and kicking breast cancers ass. Her writing style is a narrative as if she were personally telling you these stories. If you have ever seen her perform you understand how she captivates you and holds your interest with her personality and energy. Her book had the same captivating effect. She bares herself to the reader by sharing tales of triumph and tribulation. She shares her happiness as well as her sadness. She shares her positive experiences as well as the negative. The reader is up for a whirlwind of emotions and will find themselves laughing as well as crying. I found myself unable to close the book and kept promising just one more chapter. I found myself tearing up and sharing her heartbreak as well as There were many stories that were related to her songs which makes me hope for another book with even more insight.

I recommend I, Bificus to any fan and anyone who enjoys honest life writing.



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