Stay, Play, Try & Fly Pt. 2 – Jungle Land!

Last week I reviewed the hotel that we stayed at in Panama back in April. This week is a follow up post reviewing the Play aspect of our trip. We ventured off resort twice during our stay. The first time was a day long excursion to Jungle Land and the second time was a quick visit to Woody’s Beach Bar & Grill.

Jungle Land – I like to be an informed traveler so did plenty of research before taking off. Jungle Land came up many times when searching excursions and things to do in Panama. We were already going to experience the beach so wanted to see some rain forest. Although you can book directly with Jungle Land we pre-booked through Nexus tours (Sunwing) due to pricing. Nexus has excursions to Jungle Land twice a week so it was easier to just book in. The booking process was a bit worrisome which you will hear more about in Pt. 4 – Fly.

We were picked up early in the morning to start our 2-hour trek to the docks on the Panama Canal. Our tour guide was a wealth of information and pointed out various places of interest along the way and provided some general information about Panama. This made the bus ride pass by quite quickly.

Once we reached the docks we climbed on board a Jungle Land boat and began our adventure. We cruised the canal while being provided with various pieces of information about the canal. We were on a small boat so seeing the large shipping boats put into perspective just how much is brought through the canal. We made various stops to see different wildlife including crocodiles, iguanas, various birds, and monkeys. It was a unique experience to see these creatures in their natural habitat and hand feed the monkeys.

Upon arrival at the floating house we were provided with cold drinks and a delicious lunch of beef, chicken, rice, and a tamale. Everyone loved the food. Once lunch was complete it was time to head out on various activities or stick around to just relax. After holding Fluffy the resident boa constrictor my husband and I went out fishing. Again, such a unique experience. We were fishing in the rain forest and could hear the howler monkeys in the distance. I was not lucky enough to catch anything but others reeled in various types of bass. A sweet German couple had never fished before and she caught the first fish. Beginners luck I tell ya!

After fishing we relaxed with a cold beer before heading back to the hotel via the canal and bus trip.

This was a one of a kind experience that I would recommend to everyone. Not only did we have a great time but Carl and his staff were wonderful. We had lots of laughs and a very memorable day.

If you are expecting a fancy air-conditioned luxury tour – go do something else. If you want to experience the rain forest and get up close with nature book a visit to Jungle Land now!!

Woody’s Bar & Grill – Other hotel guests were bringing their guitars over so we took a cab and joined in the fun. Nice open air atmosphere filled with plenty of jerseys from home. The food and drinks were delicious and the service was friendly. Hands down order the strawberry daiquiri! Prices were comparable to what you would pay at home except beer was nice and cheap.

If you are looking for a few hours off resort this is a great idea. It was only 10 minutes away and provided us with a nice afternoon.

Coming up next will be a post dedicated to some of the products I tried while on my trip.  One was a campaign I was doing for BzzAgent and others were just products I finally decided to try!

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